Hangars account in large part for the formation of the VASI.  The City of Venice acquired the airport following World War II through federal deeds of land transfer in 1947.  Since then the airport has gone through some periods of harmony with and support from the city, occasional periods of active city hostility against the airport, but for most of its early year’s periods of benign neglect.  As of  2018 the airport has enjoyed a nearly 9 year period of excellent support from the City, the State and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  A lot of infrastructure work over the past 9 years has modernized and enhanced the safety of the airport we see today.

However, in 1991 the year VASI was founded the airport was going through one of its many periods of benign neglect.  The city was little interested in the airport or in any improvements.  Shabby was the best word to describe the airport then. The airport had a large number of pilots who wanted hangars. Consequently, in 1991 a number of these pilots determined to join (VASI) and get the city to take an interest in the airport and build some additional badly needed hangars. Hangar construction funding came from the state with a small amount from the airport fund so it was not a cost to the city.  In addition, city owned hangars provide revenue to the airport.

One of the founders of VASI related that the city was opposed to more private hangars since it was believed that more hangars that were private would make it harder to close the airport; an idea that surfaces periodically. Whatever the motivation VASI was successful in convincing the city to allow more airport owned hangar construction and today Venice has city owned about 192 hangar most of which are standard size (170), 22 larger sizes and 12 shade hangars.  Some units are available for other aeronautical use. This number does not include the Swift Group private condominium hangars, or open air tie down spaces. The airport capital improvement plan (JACIP) adds potentially 28 more large hangars with a possibility of more standard size units under consideration.


T-Hangars and Tie Downs


Standard size hangar are nominally

Standard Hangar (KVNC)

approximately 40′ wide, 31′ deep and can accommodate up to a 12′ tail height.  Electricity is available in each hangar. T-hangars are leased on a first come, first served basis.







However, it is worth noting that over the years the size is not uniform

Hangar Interior (KVNC)

with some of the newer units being not quite as deep as earlier units.







Large Hangars:  Electricity is available in each hangar. The door opening on each large hangar is approximately 47.6′,

Large Hangars (KVNC)

door height is approximately 14′ and total depth of hangar from entrance to back of hangar is approximately 39′.   Doors are electric and bi-fold.





Shade Hangars

VNC has 12 Shade hangars available for outdoor storage of small aircraft. Each unit is approximately 40′ wide, 34′ deep, and 13’9″ tall.  Electricity is available in each shade hangar.   These units have a covered roof.

Shade Hangars (KVNC)

  Tie down chains or ropes are not provided.  Tenants must provide their own tie down chains and ropes.





Tie Downs

Tie down chains or ropes are not provided for Shade units.  Tenants must bring their own tie down chains and ropes.


Want a hangar or a tie down? Contact the airport administration office for more information. .  For additional information, please contact the airport administration office at 941-486-2711. Tie down spaces are also available on the Suncoast Air Center Ramp. Stop in at the FBO desk for information on those spaces.



VASI extends an open invitation to all pilots (transient or permanent) as well as students and local residents to attend our “open to public” meetings held at the Venice City Hall every 3rd Wednesday of the Month.  For a detailed calendar of events click here.   You can become a VASI member by visiting the Join VASI page and include your name for our mailing list or complete a membership application.  As thanks for your service, all WWII and Korea veterans enjoy free membership for life.

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