Airline Trojan Horse Foiled!

Airline Trojan Horse Foiled!

It appears as though GA pilots nationwide dodged a bullet.  Thanks to many who stand ready to call their representatives regarding all such matters and standing up for our rights, Rep. Jim Shuster (R-Pa), outgoing chairman of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has withdrawn a surprise eleventh-hour backroom amendment. The manager’s amendment was an airline-derived Trojan Horse that proposed to place the US air traffic system under the control of an airline-dominated board under the Department of Transportation and outside the Federal Aviation Administration, the only federal agency with the expertise and background to safely operate the largest, most complex air traffic system in the world. A vote on the bill could have occurred as early as TODAY April 25!  Fortunately AOPA and the GA community at large were on top of it and foiled yet another attempt.

You can read more about it by clicking here.
In the words of our past-president: “In civic affairs one voice is frequently a voice in the wilderness. This is true particularly when elected and appointed officials are faced with so many conflicting demands on their time and resources. The mission of VASI  is to unite the Venice Airport Community and provide a larger voice, larger than one voice, that speaks to the interest of the airport community, a voice devoted to support of the Venice Airport, airport tenants and users.”

This is a perfect example of what VASI is all about.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Summer and look forward to our next meeting scheduled for September 19th.

Sina Adibi
VASI Communications
[email protected]

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