EAA Chapter 1285 Newsletter for March, 2018 from Pres. Dennis King

EAA Chapter 1285 Newsletter for March, 2018 from Pres. Dennis King

Hello Venice area pilots,

Well, we had a pretty interesting couple of months here.

-VP David Consbruck and I flew over to Spruce Creek for EAA leadership training February 24th. It was very well-done and interesting, I learned a lot. David had been through the training before and even knew the guys teaching it. I will be sending out some info and links to the presentations given there. I think what we learned will help the chapter be more active, more fun, and to grow.

-For a first-time event, the tri-motor visit went very well March 1-5. The volunteer turnout and performance was outstanding! A summary is at the end of this newsletter.

-Yesterday we started something new-a separate business meeting. This meeting will be held on the second Tuesday of each month, 6 PM, same location as regular meetings, in the Venice Airport Admin building.  It is opened to all, but except for officers, attendance is optional. This is a good place for you to show up and bring any ideas or issues you may have for the chapter.  This process leaves the main meetings (3rd Tuesday at 7:30 PM) for a program, socializing, and maybe some great hanger stories that don’t necessarily have to be true!

-In the business meeting we identified a number of issues we intend to work. The biggest issue is finding EAA-1285 a new home.  A committee yet to be assigned will be working this issue.

-I wanted to give a shout-out to Dave Roach, our new Website manager.  Dave has already fixed some key issues on the site, and his help is much appreciated!


-At the March Chapter Meeting this coming Tuesday, March 20th, at 7:30 PM, we will be having our normal 50/50 that I never win, and a program by Dave Wimberly (newly minted president of VASI) and me on a trip we took to the Kennedy Space Center.  We will have many interesting pictures to show and Dave will provide his usual witty and humorous comments!

Remember, EVERYONE is welcome at the meetings, members or not, and guests are always invited.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

Dennis King

President, EAA Chapter 1285


Tri-Motor Summary:

-Everybody who signed up to work ALL showed up! Plus many others!  Most number of hours; Tom Hales.

-Total number of volunteers: 33!  Wow!  A tremendous showing by any measure. THIS is what made this thing work out so well!

-A number of we volunteers got free rides, unfortunately not everyone. The last two days were nearly sellouts so we were not able to give out rides to members much on those days.

-In addition, we gave free rides to the Venice city manager, Ed Lavallee, Assistant manager Len Bramble(who helped us get the permit), several folks from the airport office, six people from the press, and most important, six folks from Sarasota Avionics.

Sarasota Avionics were very generous in giving us the use of their two hangers. Plus they replaced the Tri-Motor headlight for free. Please buy their stuff!

Suncoast gave the Tri-Motor a discounted gas price.


-Total water sales/snacks profit from Collings and Tri-Motor:$64  . This was not counting the value of the 4 cases of water and snacks and two new $35 coolers we ended up with!

-Total Expenses:$400.04, this included sign supplies, lumber for signs, porta-potty rentals, lunches and soda for Patti and Dave, and cheap frames for thank-you certificates for Sarasota Avionics, the airport office, and Suncoast fuel.

-We made $80 in commissions from Charles Shoup, Perfect Picture, plus he gave us six signed Tri-Motor Photos for us to sell or provide as prizes

-And finally, the flights:

Thursday-5 flights, 55 paying people

Friday-11 flights, 121 paying people

Saturday-16 flights, 176 paying people

Sunday-17 flights, 187 paying people


Total: 539 people flown!


We should be due approximately $2700 from EAA, which should come in a few weeks. Then we will receive a small amount for EAA merchandise sold online.


-Patti and Dave said it went very well and they were very happy with all the help they received with the Tri-Motor from the volunteers.   I have made it clear to EAA that we would like to do this again next year-this is still TBD but I am hopeful they will return!

If they return we will utilize a non-Dennis King event manager.  🙂

Finally, we ended up with a gray cap that says “Wilken Seeds”, please let me know if it is yours.



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