KVNC-Lunch Bunch Aug 3,2023

KVNC-Lunch Bunch Aug 3,2023

Nine showed up for Lunch Bunch today. Cherokee Mike’s wife Linda and Nancy Blake added some class to our motley crew of guys! Mike briefed the group. The weather was reasonable for a change, T-storms holding off until after 2PM, mostly inland. Sebring was selected for Target of Day! KSEF working on North end of Taxiway A, but generally A-OK. Cherokee Mike and RV Dave stopped at Arcadia for some cheap fuel, $4.91. 

Skylane Bill Blake gave us a brief recap of their trip to Airventure. Seems their Skylane had “Turbo” troubles which compounded into “Mag” issues and plane “Down” for KOSH flight. So what to do! They drove to Oshkosh! Could have flown commercial but no rental cars available in that area (Appleton)! Once there, the Blakes enjoyed the show, including the KVNC Pilots lunch get together!.  RV-7 Sam Kurtz also commented on Airventure. His plane in Bartow paint shop, so he and his two plane partners(John and Walt) flew commercial and had a rental car! Sam and his gang(3) rented the 3 wheel scooters at KOSH and thoroughly enjoyed them. You can ride them anywhere at show, inside exhibit halls, and along the flight line, plus very comfortable to sit on and watch the airshow! The show grounds are so big that walking is a big problem for most of us! 

Again, several guys stopped by the Ticket Office to visit with Skylane Paul Hollowell, but seems he is never on duty!!!!! Hmmmmmmmmmm!!! 

From the “Don’t Be Them” department.

Arcadia ramp. Two guys in a new Cirrus fueled up before Mike and Dave got there. They left the fuel hose jammed tight when they reeled it in, then moved their plane a few feet partially blocking the ramp. Once Mike untangled the hose and fueled he had no room to move out so I could get to pump. Well, finally the guys came out, got in and tried to crank up. Two attempts to start, the hot engine fired and then quit, on third attempt the engine fired up to full speed, the plane lurched forward and left, almost hitting a parked plane! The pilot finally got on brakes!!!  More money than brains!!!! Don’t be them!!!!

T-6 Texan,,, not one of us, just a nice pic!!!

Last pic shows Hangar 1001, crew put on new roof panels. Haven’t seen or heard of “Door” replacement!

By Dave Wimberly

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