20+ Lunch Bunchers met at 10am Lunch Bunch HQ! Cold front passed thru our area overnight bringing cold air, clouds, and wind! Marginal VFR to start the day then improving as day goes by.  12 pilots elected to go to LaBelle! Several pilots elected to hold off until tomorrow which promises to be much better. Meet tomorrow 10am same place. Another front forecast for Saturday, clouds, rain, and wind! This is supposed to be the dry season, nobody told the weatherman!

Welcome to the Lunch Bunch, Jay Bowman, DHL Cappy on B-767, says his C-150 has humbled him, Nothing Automatic, has to do everything himself, plus light as a feather no more “Heavy Jet”!!!

Also, welcome back to two Sno-Birds, Skylane Steve Ulrey and Centurion Jack Henion, both arrived safely from the North Country!! Jack will be giving a presentation to VASI January 17, Engine Problem over the Rockies!! Stay tuned for more info!

A brief discussion of the recent Japan Air crash at Haneda Airport. For our operations: Discussion that we shouldn’t enter runway and hold for takeoff “Line up and wait”, AOPA Air Safety Foundation does Not recommend this practice for NonTowered Airports!. Check your AIM and AC-66C.

Several SeaGulls (Non flying pilots) went to the Jolly Roger for lunch, no pic!

By Dave Wimberly

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