KVNC Lunch Bunch Nov 17, 2022

KVNC Lunch Bunch Nov 17, 2022

Approximately 15 pilots met at Cmdr Wayne’s annex, open air wind tunnel, today!!!! After some discussion of various targets, too far, too close, limited menu, better food here & there! Since most have not flown to Lakeland lately, KLAL was chosen as “Target of the Day”!!! Time to try the new airport restaurant. Skylane Blake didn’t like the menu but acquiesced to desires of the group. (remember this for later). Basically clear skies with North to NorthEast winds kicking up over Southern Florida.


Lo and Behold, KVNC RW 05/23 was back in service. A fresh coat of rejuvenator, striping/numbers and good to go! After curing, the numbers/striping will be given final coat. Progress!! All departed on RW 05!

Skylane Blake


Great cruising weather, smooth and clear, most at 3,500 ft. Upon arrival at KLAL, the tower  was busy with landings and several waiting to takeoff, including some Amazon jets. Lakeland is a major distribution center for Amazon. Right downwind for RW 10 was extended for landings, the tower calling the base turn. Some guys extended almost to Plant City, I thought the Tower forgot me, “No” just needed room”!! Same for Skylane Blake (remember this)! Then it seems spacing was compromised for Skylane Blake and was ordered to “Go Around”,,, jet approaching  from rear!(Take note).


Once seated  orders taken with the Pulled Pork sandwich being the favorite. Well, the restaurant ran out of pulled pork with Skylane’s order! Had to reorder with delay!!!


So count ’em up for Skylane Blake! First remember he didn’t want to go to KLAL in first place. Didn’t like menu, long extended base, go around, and finally ran out of his order,!! Skylane Blake ” Told you I didn’t want to fly to Lakeland, not coming back”!!!! Good laugh at table!!!


OH, before launching the planes, McTaggarts got a call from house alarm company, so Rod sent his wife home to deal with the burglar and he went flying!!!! A pilot with priorities!!!


Upon return to KVNC, one note, on final RW 05 looks brand new,,, very black with bright white numbers/lines, gets your attention!!


Mission accomplished!


By Dave Wimberly

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