Lunch Bunch assembled at 10am,, RV Dave gave the briefing,, offered the troops two choices of route today, with two targets per route! Split operation.


Route Pack 1 – Ft. Pierce KFPR,,,,with shorter leg KOBE.


Route Pack 2 – Deland KDED,,,,, with shorter leg to KGIF


Good weather any direction, strong surface winds as day went by, slight tailwind going North (10 kts max) Headwind coming home(10-20kts)


Seems the troops selected Route Pack 2  


KDED & KGIF. 3 planes to KDED 7 pilots,,,,,Pics below.


KGIF Report missing,,,, our assigned reporter/photog failed miserably, no pilot count, no plane count, and no pics!! Name announced next week, followed by public flogging!

Entrance from ramp to restaurant Deland!!!

Second hand reports say that service and food were good at KGIF! First Hand KDED reports indicate excellent food, service and aircraft parking. Skydiving taking place but no conflicts!


Sent text to Trapper, former KVNC, now hangar KDED, but he was in KSRQ getting annual. Told him no matter ,,,crosswind at KDED was too much for a Marine pilot!!


All returned home safe, landed RW13 with wind 180/12 G 20, wind coming over trees to right of RW causing turbulence on final, Taildraggers had to really dance on “Foot Thingees”!!


Next week plan on Route Pack 1 – KFPR-KOBE


Late Breaking – Michael Rellinger notified that his wing is finished and ready for shipping!! Soon Michael,,, Soon!!!


By Dave Wimberly


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