Lunch Bunch January 26, 2023

Lunch Bunch January 26, 2023

Lunch Bunch gathered with the intention of all going to one airport to celebrate Bonanza Paul’s Birthday! Archer(One Wing) Mike bought a cake from Publix! Well, with 30+ pilots both Sebring and Okeechobee unable to accommodate such a large group. More phone calls and discussion resulted in split decision,,, LaBelle and Okeechobee about even! After all said and done,,,Final count  resulted in 14 to LaBelle and 6 to KOBE???? Out of the blue, 4 went to KGIF!!! Sebring and Okeechobee NOT happy with us!!!  Phone calls made to smooth feathers. Numbers don’t add up, What happened to the rest of the group?

Cold front went thru late last night, clearing skies with strong NorthWest wind and colder air! 320/20 at most airports. Temp dropping to low 60’s during the day!! The “Old Farts” went to KPGD today, and as we passed overhead the “Fish Finder Screen” really lit up around that airport. Some listened to KPGD tower and he was really busy!  Ahhhh, found the missing pilots! Chopper Jack and Chopper Frank both went to KPGD with passengers!  Heard the Tower telling them to hover outside Class D and call back in 10!!!


Birthday cake served to Bonanza Paul along with “Happy Birthday”!! Good job Archer Mike, several kicked in to help pay for cake, good job!! The best present for Paul was getting his  propeller back on and flying his plane after AOG for 4 months!! Flying is such an elixer to pep up your spirits!


All returned safe to Venice!!!

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