Venice Airport Open House 2018

Venice Airport Open House 2018

As you will read in this account of the 2018 Venice Airport open house by Paul Hollowell, the event was a real hit with the residents and pilots alike…

“Exceptional Day, Great Open House. I asked many people as they departed what they thought, did they enjoy the Open House? Without exception everyone was happy with the show. I heard someone say that someone complained to them about not having more stuff but I never heard one single complaint, only praise. Kids (and parents) loved the Hot Dogs and Ice Cream.

The event was well worth every expense. Great showcase of the airport and the wide variety of general aviation airplane tenants. People would stop on the way out and ask a question or two. Several wanted to know where the control tower was. I  answered a number of questions about how a non-towered GA airport functions etc.”


There were 559 attendees consuming lots of ice cream and over 340 free hot dogs!  As you will see in the pictures, there were classic cars as well as aircraft on display.  For all the pictures taken by our volunteer cameraman, Greg Frank, click here


As you may have already read in the latest VASI AIM from Dave Wimberly,

“this event would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of Dennis King our EAA Chapter president and partner as well as Ramp Air Boss Paul Cellecz, Paul Hollowell (INS, media), Greg Frank(signs & banners), Gary McBride & Dave Cook (Historic display, EAA), Wayne Conner (Classic Cars), Rod Spurlock (Scouts), Jim Allen(parking), and the Hot Dog Crew Chas Pickering, Cathy Pickering, Howie Altman! Also thanks to the many volunteers, and  the pilots that brought their planes over for display.”


Thank you all and see you in the New Year!





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