VENICE, FL – LUNCH BUNCH July 7th, 2022

VENICE, FL – LUNCH BUNCH July 7th, 2022

Nine intrepid airmen met at 10am Hangar 167 Annex!! No longer Cmdr Wayne’s Annex as he has move to the First Class Section of hangars, same row as the Blake’s just down at almost end of row! In fact so many stopped by we thought the meeting was at the new hangar!!! Nope!!!

Al Wadley, Cmdr Wayne, Bonanza Paul, Archer Michael, Cessna Bill, Commander Nancy, Mooney Rick, Yellow Cub Dave, RV Dave!!


Yellow Cub Dave finally got off the phone to give the “Briefing” to 9 pilots!!! Summer Doldrums!! Oh, two didn’t make the meeting but joined us at Sebring, the “Target of the Day”!!


Close parking in Sebring!!!

Darrin Wargacki(Centurion Darrin) and Son in C-210 Centurion met us for lunch, got a late start, miscommunication, thought meet was at 1030!!! No problem! Darrin is down from up North, looking for hangar parking to no avail, parents live in Venice, and hopes to be spending more time here! Welcome!!


Well, only 8 lunched in Sebring, a couple declined due to forecast showers, but all in all, it turned out very nice. No showers enroute home, only one hovering just NorthEast of airport. Upon return to KVNC, Bonanza Paul and I waited by the runway for Yellow Cub Dave to arrive, seems that the T/S was approaching from the NE and the Cub was racing to beat it!!  I know, “Racing” and “Cub” !! But, anyway he arrived safely with a short base and final turn to R/W 23 to avoid the rain!! RW 5, 31 and 13 were all in the clear with light winds if needed!!


Mission accomplished!!

By Dave Wimberly

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