Venice Lunch Bunch May 16, 2024

Venice Lunch Bunch May 16, 2024

21 pilots gathered for the 10am briefing, Cmdr Wayne in charge. Weather moving across the state from North to South with an Easterly vector. Stations to our North generally better than those East & South of KVNC. With that in mind Albert Whitted KSPG and Winter Haven KGIF were chosen as targets today! The Hangar Restaurant was jammed with school graduation celebrations, so most went to KGIF! Both airports worked out nicely. The smaller group at KSPG managed to get a table and served in due time.

This past weekend Skylane Paul & Skylane Bill flew to Maryland(with wives) to attend the AOPA 85th Celebration and DC Flyover. They departed last Thursday to beat an approaching front moving in from the West. Seems that Bill is in with the powers that be and they attended two AOPA Dinners with all the “Big Wigs”! For the FlyOver they were transported to AOPA HQs in downtown DC and viewed the proceedings from that rooftop, complete with buffet and bar! This event demonstrated the lobbying power of AOPA as they were able to close DCA airport for two hours, fly over the most restrictive airspace in the World, and put this show on right over the MALL in downtown DC! Your AOPA at work.

Cmdr Wayne then briefed us on Myaka Head, Bald Eagle Airport now owned by Cleetus McFarland of YouTube fame. Cleetus just bought the airport and has plans for housing on airport with hangars, flyins, cookouts, etc. But Cleetus advised that for now the airport remains a Private Airport, please don’t land there! He wants to get things organized, care for the turf, provide written permission and then have everyone land at the airport! It is located due East of Bradenton, out on State Road 65, near “BRDGE” intersection on Foreflight map, 67FL is the ID, check it out, 3,500 feet of smooth turf, just don’t land ,,yet!!

Guests: Rod & June McTaggart brought neighbors Jeff & Karen Schaack. RV Joel Megginson brought his Son Sam, a recent graduate of Kennesaw State, Computer Science! Proud Dad! Hey Sam,,,, Plenty of Seniors down here need help with their computers!

Joel Megginson brought his Son Sam, a recent graduate of Kennesaw State

By Dave Wimberly

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